Feasibility Studies

“Assessing the right decision criteria inherent to the cement industry”

When you are considering an investment in a new company, plant or production line, you want to feel confident in your decision.  Cementis will work with you to prepare a feasibility study that is comprehensive, based on criteria specific to the cement industry and tempered with experience. Our team draws upon experience from over hundreds of cement-related feasibility studies completed by Cementis globally.

A full Feasibility study mainly comprises of:

  • Clear definition of the target market
  • Historical and future economic development of the target country
  • Key drivers affecting cement consumption in the target market
  • Legal considerations
  • Assessment of the existing competitive landscape
  • Historical and future cement consumption in the target market as well as in neighboring markets related to the target market
  • Import-export flows
  • Price and costs considerations
  • Technical description of the project
  • CO2 emissions calculations and environment report
  • Financing structure proposal
  • Detailed financial statements (profit & loss statement, balance sheet, fund flow statement)
  • Long term financial projections
  • Assessment of project expected profitability and returns

The depth of the Feasibility study will vary dependent upon the nature of the objective and client needs (from internal use up to a full feasibility study meeting banking standards).
We can also assist in selecting the right financing entity (bank, international financial institutions, etc.)