Because we come from the Industry, Cementis can give you unique advice ….. through our Services

  • Climate Change

    “There’s no planet B”

    Cementis helps you drafting a low CO2 roadmap for the cement industry and proposes financially feasible solutions to reduce CO2 emissions for the industry…

  • Corporate Strategy

    “Developing an effective strategy…”

    Cementis helps you to define your vision, develop a corporate strategy and set long term objectives and strategic road map

  • Feasibility Studies

    “Assessing the right decision ”

    You are considering investing into a new company, a new plant, or a new production line, you need to assess its feasibility based on criteria’s more specific to the cement industry. Our Team is there for you.

  • Due Diligence

    “Get the real picture….”

    Do you need to have a real picture of a company in which you want either to invest or to whom you want to lend money? We provide due diligence services.

  • AFR utilisation

    “Tomorrow matters…”

    Co-processing is the use of waste material as alternative resources to replace non-renewable natural resources in cement processes (like coal)

  • Business Planning

    “Building sustainable growth….”

    Is your company losing market share? What is your competitive situation within the market? Do you need to vertical integrate or not? We are there for you.

  • Merger & Acquisitions

    “Making growth work…”

    Cementis assists clients through the acquisition process: strategy development, target identification, partner selection, deal structure and finally implementation.